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We create memorable and successful events around the globe.

Live, virtual or hybrid. Small or large scale. At your location or far away.

Incentives – motivation and loyalty programmes- for staff, sales teams and customers. Shoulder to shoulder get together with clients and suppliers. Staff training. Product launches. Company celebrations. Sport and culture events.

Regardless of the type of event you have in mind we are here to help you. From concept creation, strategy and planning phase to on-site delivery, evaluation and documentation.

We offer you an end-to-end event management solution.

About us

With 25 years of experiences Wallstrom & Co has a long record of satisfied customers and suppliers all over the world.

We are a tight and strong network with competent and committed professionals. Many of us started our careers as tour guides without doubt the best school to become an expert at organising events. Our dedicated network consists of project managers, travel experts, web designers, facilitators, marketing and communication advisers, IT-experts, performers, entertainers, musicians, sound engineers and more.

A reliable network with skilled and engaged people simplify the process of putting together the right team for every occasion. Our network’s capability is one of our strongest assets which enables us to deal with quite large and complex assignments. We are easy to deal with, flexible and supportive and have a passion for what we do.

We are also very good at what we do.

We know what it takes

We are hard workers with one goal; to make your event successful.

Those of you who have planned and executed an event or conference knows how much work there is prior, during and after. There are many elements and practical details that need to be precise to get a good end result. We will help you with all the arrangements so you can relax and focus on the outcome.

Wallstrom & Co are strategists and creators. But more important we are hard- working people who will walk the extra mile to ensure every event becomes a success.

We will take full responsibility for your event and leave nothing to chance.

We can manage every aspect of your event

With smart innovative solutions, latest technology and outstanding event logistics.

What we do

Most of our client’s prefer to have us involved at an early stage in their project so we can work the whole process together and become a tight partner. But we can also help you with expertise on some bits and parts of your event if you prefer to do the rest yourself. 

We are easy.

Incentive Group Travel

Reward and recognition are of importance to keep your staff and your clients happy and engaged. Show appreciation. Reward achievements of sales targets. Reward for job well done.

Motivation programmes for your staff in line with your values will strengthen the company culture in a positive way. It will engage everyone at your workplace and boost morale.

Connect with clients and promote the core values associated to the company. Loyalty programmes for your clients will not only tighten the relationships it will also drive your business forward.

When you aim for the same targets, there are almost no limits of what you can achieve. We will help you along the way by creating incentive trips that will motivate and inspire.

Conferences & Meetings

Corporate meetings are usually held to inform a group of people about a specific topic, or to teach a specific skill.

A strategy conference to present future goals and mind setting. A staff training to implement certain work methods. A networking session with your dealers to strengthen your position as a player to count with and build brand awareness.

A sales conference, a manager’s meeting-regardless of the type of meeting you are planning, we know how to deliver your message with a professional image. To put up a conference is a big project with many abstracts to keep track of. We have done it many times and knows what will work and not.

We help companies thrive through building strong relationships. We will help you put on an extraordinary high quality event that will meet your objectives as well as your expected return of investment.


The company’s most valuable asset is the employees. A positive work place with engaged staff will nurture your company culture. Bond with your staff through teambuilding activities.
Get to know each other better to build trust and form stronger ties within the community.
Improve the work climate and the communication skills. Form the troops to become an even tighter team.

Corporate team building can be anything from a half day outdoor activity to being a part of the annual staff conference which may run for several days, mixing education with hands on practising. It all depends on what your needs are and what you like to foster among your crew.

Wallstrom & Co have done numerous of staff training programmes where various teambuilding activities have played a significant part of the programme. We cooperate with a wide range of team building specialists from all of the world.

Awards & Celebrations

Awards ceremonies for employees, sales teams, dealerships and partners.

Business anniversary celebrations. A jubilee to mark a certain milestone in your company history. Regardless of your reasons for celebrating, we know how to throw a good party.

We have years of experience in creating stunning event programmes for special occasions executed with precision. We know that every little detail counts.

We will tailor and deliver a seamless event that meets your objectives and surprises and amazes your audience.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Virtual events have a resemblance with traditional live events in the perspective that they aim to give the same experiences as if you would visit the event live.

Live streaming your event is a time saving and cost-effective way to reach out and deliver your message to your targeted audience. It can be done anywhere at any time. Invite your clients and dealers to live streamed product launches, showcases and workshops with extraordinary content, staging, styling and design.

Make your next staff training a virtual meeting and encourage participation with Interactive polls, live chats, group discussions in breakout sessions, gamification such as escape rooms or roundoff with a music quiz.

We will customize every space of your event and put together an event programme with interesting and varied content that will engage and inspire the audience.

Music & Entertainment

Wanting your “own” music to your event, your brand or your product?
A voice for your storytelling video? A signature melody for your live streamed event?
Personalised music to your event website?
No need to look further. We can help you we all these things and more.
Check out our special website for music and audio services:

Looking for entertainment with Wow factor that will blow the mind of the audience?
We co-operate with a wide collection of musicians and performers. Live music in all genre; big names, cover bands, solo artists, choirs. Magicians, Stand-up comedians, dance shows, DJ:s etcetera and, of course, themed entertainment designed to fit the event concept.

We will help you choose the right entertainment for your event that promises unforgettable moments and impressions that last.

Product Launches
& Road Shows

Next time you have a product that you want to introduce, let us create an event for your targeted audience- may it be retailers or dealers. Let us share our expertise with you to help you plan and deliver an impressive and memorable product launch. Remember you will only get one chance to make a first impression.

A road show is an excellent strategy to attract people interested in your product.
It gives you the opportunity to test the product and to meet with your audience at the same time. Our team has executed many successful corporate roadshows throughout the years. Taking care of the logistics and giving our expertise on planning, movements, timelines and challenges. Many companies choose to promote new products this way since road shows are more than just a presentation. They are powerful events which guarantee a great brand experience.

Branding &
Promotional items

Your business event is an investment. We will promote your company, product or brand through the entire event- digital and onsite- making sure it will get maximum exposure.

We work with our clients to create expressful event marketing campaigns that build strong relations and generate brand awareness.

We can also help you find the right customized promotional products to show appreciation and create a collective feeling among your workforce or business partners and customers.

Sporting Events

Make your next conference or event even more memorable by combining it with a major international sporting event. We have experiences from organising corporate events during the Olympic Games (since 2000), World Cup Football (since 1998), European Cup Football (since 2000).

We also have a lot of experiences from organising meetings and incentive trips in combination with motorsport events like Formula One and World Rally Championship, international golf and tennis tournaments, World Cup Hockey and World Cup skiing and from most of the European premier football leagues.

More than


Meetings & Events




Happy Clients

We are fortune to have fantastic clients who trust us and like what we do. Many of them have been with us for years.

Among our clients are some successful Scandinavian and international corporations within the fields of automobile, insurances, financing and investment, security, debt collecting, machinery and tool, fashion, cosmetic, healthcare, software, home appliance, constructions, education, electronic components, energy, broadcasting services and telecommunication.

We would be more than happy to provide you with references should you wish!

We are delighted that you have visited our site.
Now you know our story. We hope you will share yours.
Get in touch. Let us know how we can help you with your next event.

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